The Ternate Lineage

  Detail from a churchbook from the 'Christelijke Hervormde Gemeente' in Ternate, showing the record of the birth of Willem Pesulima, son of Jacob Pesulima and Magdalena de Rooij on 9 February 1834. Later on the name of the child changed to Willem Passelima.
Godfather and godmother are Johan de Leeuw and Christina Tuhulele.

Here we find the descendants of Hendrik Pesulima. According to the tradition he settled down at Ternate, a small island in northern Maluku. During the English rule he was member of the Ambonese corps consisting of 400 soldiers including Thomas Matulesi from Saparua. The Dutch, when they got back the rule over Ambon on 25 March 1817, refused to take over the Ambonese corps from the British.
Hendrik Pesulima then should have gone to Ternate after the disbandment of the corps in 1817.
The family name undergoes several changes from Pesulima to Passelima.

Hier vinden we de nazaten van Hendrik Pesulima. Volgens de overlevering vestigde hij zich op Ternate. Hij zou tijdens het Engelse (tussen)bestuur over Ambon deel hebben uitgemaakt van het Ambonese korps van 400 soldaten onder wie ook de vrijheidsstrijder Thomas Matulesia uit Saparua. De Nederlanders willen bij het herstel van hun gezag in Ambon, op 25 maart 1817, het korps niet overnemen van de Engelsen.
Hendrik Pesulima zou dan na de ontbinding van het korps in 1817, naar Ternate moeten zijn vertrokken.
De familienaam ondergaat een aantal veranderingen van Pesulima tot Passelima.

The oldest descendant of the Pesulima/Passelima family we found in Ternate is:

Married to Magdalena DE ROOIJ.
They have one son:


  Both father Jacob and son Willem Pesulima are mentioned here, we believe. Page from the Almanak en naamregister van Nederlandsch-Indie, 1862, with residents of Ternate.
Born in Ternate on 9 September 1833, baptized 'Christelijke Hervormde Gemeente' Ternate 9 February 1834. He died before 1882.
Married to Sara RIPS (or RIEPS), she was born in about 1846. She died in Ternate on 29 January 1919.
Profession: seafarer [zeevarende] in Ternate.

Children from this marriage:
a. Bernard PASSELIMA, see III.1
b. Anna Johanna Geertruida PASELIMA, see III.2
c. Bernardus Alexander PASSELIMA, see III.3
d. Herman (Lodewijk) PASSELIMA, see III.4


Born Ternate on 1 February 1861, died ... . Married in Ternate in 10 October 1900 to Wilhelmina VEERMAN (Indonesian woman).
Profession: innkeeper [kastelein] Club Minerva.
The Club Minerva is mentioned in the book 'Ternate, The Residency and Its Sultanate (Bijdragen tot de kennis der Residentie Ternate, 1890) by F.S.A. de Clercq, Translated from the Dutch by Paul Michael Taylor and Marie N. Richards:
'Walking further along the beach, one comes first to a crossroads. The classrooms of the European school are located here. On the corner is the club building, not often visited by the inhabitants but a welcome refuge for travelers and strangers. The club has a well-supplied reading room containing journals and newspapers that have already circulated among the members. The fortunes of the club have varied, sometimes enjoying a large number of interested members, at other times temporarily languishing because of some local quarrel, but it has weathered all storms fortunately for Ternate, since the club provides a very pleasant amenity in this small place. The club is called the 'Minerva', a name given to it by its founders and still used.'


    IV.1 Elizabeth Carolina PASSELIMA. Married Ternate 11 July 1908 to Egenus LESSITUNIJ, died.


      V.1 Grees LESSITUNIJ


      V.2 Paul LESSITUNIJ


      V.3 Arnold LESSITUNIJ


      V.4 Eduard LESSITUNIJ


      V.5 Akse LESSITUNIJ. Died young.


      V.6 Margaretha LESSITUNIJ. Died young.


      V.7 Suzanna LESSITUNIJ


    IV.2 Geertruida PASSELIMA, died. Married to Fillip COENRAAD, died.


      V.1 Alfred Bernard COENRAAD


      V.2 Lien COENRAAD


      V.3 Wimpie COENRAAD


      V.4 Jopie COENRAAD


    IV.3 Adolfina PASSELIMA, died . Married to Amos DIASZ, died .


      V.1 Emma DIASZ


      V.2 Itje DIASZ


      V.3 Jacob DIASZ. Died young.


      V.4 Deetie DIASZ


      V.5 Hanna DIASZ


    IV.4 Margaretha PASSELIMA
She was married to Alberth ENGKA.


      V.1 Butje ENGKA


      V.2 Willem ENGKA


      V.3 Mien ENGKA


      V.4 Dolf ENGKA
        V.5 Elsy ENGKA


Family picture at the wedding of Maria (Marie) Passelima to Anton Kawuwung, Bandung 1951. From left to right Hendrikus Bernardus Wilhelmus Passelima, ... Suparman (friend of the family), John Passelima, unknown withness, Ciska Elbers, Marie Passelima, Anton Kawuwung, Jan Passelima (sitting on his knee), Anna Passelima, Njikarmi, withness ... Suatan and his wife. Picture used with permission of Rudy Passelima, Hengelo.


  Hendrikus Bernardus Wilhelmus Passelima
Hendrikus Bernardus Wilhelmus PASSELIMA
Born Ternate 15 August 1890, died Bandung 30 June 1957. Married 1) in Bandung 3 March 1920 to PARINAH, she was born Magelang or Purworejo about1893, daughter of Mangoen di Kromo and Salama, died ... , divorced Batavia 12 August 1932, children from this marriage: unknown. Married 2) in Bandung 28 August 1935 to NJIKARMI, she was born in Tjileunji or Ujungberung (Bandung) 23 August 1899, daughter of IDMA and OENI, died Bandung 13 February 1975/1976.
Profession: sergeant 1e kl. KNIL
Career KNIL: 28 mei 1912 vrijwillig geëngageerd en geplaatst als fuselier bij het 3e Depot Bataljon te Malang, 3 maart 1913 soldaat-schrijver, 4 maart 1914 korporaal-schrijver, 15 juli 1914 overgegaan bij het Subs. kader te Surabaya, 10 februari 1915 overgeg. bij het Subs. kader te Batavia, 7 juni 1915 overgeg. bij het Subs. kader te Kutaradja, 1915-1916 krijgsverrichtingen in Atjeh, 20 september 1917 sergeant-schrijver, 27 februari 1918 toegekend de bronzen medaille, 29 mei 1918 ingedeeld bij het schrijverspersoneel bij het wapen der artillerie en geplaatst bij het Subs. kader te Bandung, 1 juni 1921 sergeant ekl., 1924 toegekend de zilveren medaille, 16 juli 1927 te Ternate uit de mil. dienst ontslagen; 30 december 1941 te Bandung vrijwillig verbonden voor 1 jaar bij het reserve korps, van 8 maart 1942 tot 15 augustus 1945 in Japanse krijgsgevangenschap, 5 januari 1948 sergeant bij het res.korps, 18 oktober 1948 gemachtigd tot het dragen van het ereteken voor orde en vrede, 26 juli 1950 eervol ontslag uit de mil. dienst wegens reorganisatie (opheffing) KNIL.
Children from the second marriage:


  Johan Bernard (John) Passelima in 1950.
Johan Bernard (John) PASSELIMA
John Passelima was born in Bandung on 14 August 1925. He died in Hengelo (Ov.), the Netherlands on 17 February 1984. He was married in Bandung on 22 August 1956 to Irene Nicoline DOPPERT. She was born in Bandung on 3 February 1939, daughter of Otto Nicolaas DOPPERT and Caroline Elisabeth (Lien) GILL.
They settled down in the Netherlands 17 March 1966.

Greta's father was the first who provided me with some information about the family tree. At the time he passed away I wasn't really started to collect more info; the idea to build a family tree came years after his dead. I often wished we could talk more about the family history. I'm sure he would have been very enthusiastic about the whole idea and he certainly would have accompanied me on the tour along all the family members in the Netherlands and maybe abroad!

They have seven children:


        VI.1 Rudolf Edwin (Rudy) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 29 November 1956.


  Erik Gigengack
  Greta Passelima
Margaretha Caroline (Greta) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 3 December 1957.
Partner is Erik Niels Maria GIGENGACK, born Hengelo 5 August 1958, son of Johannes Wilhelmus Maria (Johan) GIGENGACK and Maria Aleida (Lidy) KRONENBERG.

They have two children:


  Dewi Gigengack
Dewi Maria GIGENGACK, born Hengelo 24 August 1981.


        VII.2 Guus Maria GIGENGACK, born Hengelo 23 November 1982.


        VI.3 Jeanette Eveline PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 28 June 1960. Partner is William Richard EMAN, born Almelo 6 September 1958, son of Lodewijk Gustaaf EMAN and Augustien DE HAART.
They have four children:


        VII.1 Nadine EMAN, born Hengelo 8 June 1982.


        VII.2 Lucas EMAN, born Hengelo 4 November 1983.


        VII.3 Kyra EMAN, born Hengelo 22 September 1989.


        VII.4 Eva EMAN, born Hengelo 22 September 1989.


  Augus Passelima as a young boy. He died in an accident, only 16 years old.
Augustinus (Augus) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 22 August 1962, died due to a traffic accident in Hengelo on 23 April 1979.


  Chris Passelima as a young kid.
Eddy Christiaan (Chris) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 31 December 1965. Living together with 1) Anita Bea POSTEMA, born Zwolle 5 September 1966, daughter of Jacob POSTEMA and Bieuwkje (Bieke) OOSTERHUIS. Living together with 2) Chantal Hendrika Hermina HEIDEMAN, born in Hengelo 1 December 1973, daughter of Hermanus Johannes Plechelmus HEIDEMAN and Cornelia Maria VAN HOOGMOED.
Daughter from first partner and daughter from second partner:


        VII.1 Lesley Ichelle PASSELIMA, born Hengelo 3 November 1990.
Partner is Jordy HENDRIKS, he was born in Zwolle on 1 September 1988.
One son:




Tyas Liam Egbert PASSELIMA
He was born in Zwolle on the 8th September 2022.


        VII.2 Noa Maria PASSELIMA, born Hengelo 25 September 2005.


  Julia Passelima
  Julia Passelima
Julia Johanna Joyce PASSELIMA
Born Hengelo 26 July 1967. Married 1) Hengelo 6 March 1997 to Hermannus Frederikus (Mark or Freek) VAN RINGEN, born Hengelo 24 September 1967, son of Gerrit Jan VAN RINGEN and Trijntje Alieda SMIT. Divorced.
Two children:


        VII.1 Ruben VAN RINGEN, he was born Hengelo 20 May 1997.


        VII.2 Kim VAN RINGEN, she was born Hengelo 4 April 2001.


        VI.7 Robert James PASSELIMA
Born Hengelo 27 December 1968.


  Marie Passelima in 2007.
Maria (Marie) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 8 July 1932. Married in ... on ... to Anton KAWUWUNG, he was born in Manado (Sulawesi Utara) on 1 April ..., son of ..., he died Bandung 28 November 1998.
They have seven children:


        VI.1 E. Alfred KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 3 December 1951. Married to ... . Three children: 1. Alfrieda (married to ..., children ...); 2. Alwin; 3. Aline.


        VI.2   Willem Martin (Martin) KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 3 March 1953. Married in ...on ... to Monica (Mona) HITIPEUW. Four children: 1. Eden Edelyn Easter; 2. Yan Stevan; 3. Cris Christina; 4. Yehuda. They live in Sanur, Bali.


        VI.3 Elizabeth (Lies) KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 17 December 1954. Married to Marlif R. PHALALA. Seven children: 1. Defrizal (Dephi) (married to Linda, children Varens and Varel); 2. Mardaliza (Uphi) (married to Tatang, child Dinda); 3. Deni (married to Rika, child Reika); 4. Ellen (married to Deden, children Dandi and Hanum); 5. Rifki (Kiki) (married to Tyo, children Delfin, Shasa and Nadine); 6. Ifrianti (Ade) (married to Komara, child Rara); 7.  Dhinal (not married).


        VI.4 Agustine KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 5 Augustus 1958. Married. Five children: 1. Ira; 2. Riska; 3. Mala; 4. Once; 5. Sunni.


        VI.5 Christien KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 18 Augustus 1960. Married to Herry SEBASTIAN born Jakarta 14 Dec. 1954. Four children: 1. Dewi (1977); 2. Eli (1979); 3. Ine (29 July 1981); 4. Jerry (1996).


        VI.6 Nora Vemmie Bertha KAWUWUNG, born in Bandung on 11 November 1963. Married to Resopim LINGGA, born in Medan (Sumatra Utara) on 1 July 1962. Four children: 1. Alinda Ruth Carolyn; 2. Theresa Regina; 3. Brenda Charlothe); 4. Naomi Maya Priscilla.


        VI.7 Jefrey Adrian Hendrik (Pepen) KAWUWUNG, born in ... on ... . Married in ... (Bali) 10 November 1996 to ... (Puji). Three children: 1. Yvon; 2. Lidia; 3. Joseph Wilhelmus Adrian (born 20 July 2005). Jefrey works as a musician and lives with his family in Bali..


      V.3 Johannes (Jan) PASSELIMA
He was born Bandung 28 April 1937, he died in Bandung on 26 May 2004. He was married in ... on ... to Etty JAHYA, she was born in ... on ... , daughter of ... (Adam en Ira?).
They have eight daughters:


        VI.1 Francisca Johanna PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 24 November 1957. Married in ... on ... to Johnny SUMITRO, he was born in ... on ... , son of ... .


        VII.1 Sudiarti SUMITRO, she was born Bandung ... 1974. Married, two children.


        VII.2 Haryanto (Sunanto) SUMITRO, he was born Bandung 17 July 1978.


        VII.3 Bambang SUMITRO, he was born Semarang 2 August 1982.


        VI.2 Eva Magdalena PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 16 November 1968. Married in ... on ... to ... WAHYU, he was born in ... on ... , son of ...


        VII.1 Wildan WAHYU, he was born Banjaran 31 May 1998.


        VI.3 Marta PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 27 November 1969. Married in ... on ... to ... ABDUL RAJAK, he was born in ... on ... , son of ...


        VII.1 Riki ABDUL RAJAK, he was born Bandung 21 May 1993 (1992?).


        VII.2 Julia ABDUL RAJAK, she was born Bandung 12 July 1998.


        VI.4 Maryam PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 24 July 1972. Myryam died in ... on 27 September 2004.


        VI.5 Suzanne (Susi) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 22 December 1974. Married in ... on ... to Agus ... , he was born in ... on ... , son of ...


        VII.1 Violaneta ... , she was born in Bandung 6 June 1995.


        VII.2 Vanessa ... , she was born in ... 23 September 1998.


        VI.6 Christiane Sarah (Entok) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 4 March 1978.


        VI.7 Rut Lia (Lea) PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 4 January 1981.


        VI.8 Esther Rosaline PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 1 August 1984, died Bandung 11 September 1984.


      V.4 Anna Wilhelmina Theodoor PASSELIMA
Born Bandung 25 December 1939, died Bandung 11 July 1997.
1) Living together with John SOETENSIGT or SOETENZICHT (SOEDRAJIT), John.
2) ...
Four children. Children from the first relation:


        VI.1 E. Worrie PASSELIMA
He was born in ... on ... , married 1) in ... on ... to Elly ... , she was born in ... on ... , daughter of ...
Married 2) in ... on ... to ... .
Children from his first marriage:


        VII.1 Indi PASSELIMA, he was born in ... on ... 1985.


        VII.2 Jonathan (Jona) PASSELIMA, he was born in ... on ... 1992.


        VII.3 Pangga PASSELIMA, he was born in ... on ... .


        VI.2 Wiwin PASSELIMA
She was born in ... on ... , died in ... on ... .


        VI.3 Jenny PASSELIMA
Born in ... on ... , died in Bandung on 3 July 1993 due to severe illness.
Married in ... on ... to ... ENJANG, he was born in ... on ... , son of ... .


        VII.1 Shela (Selly), born in ... on ... 1981.


        VII.2 Herdina (Ina), born in ... on ... 1983.


        From the second relation:


  Daniël Passelima as a young man.
Born in Bandung, Cikudapateuh, on ... 1969, he died in ... on 15 May 2020. He was married in ... on ... to Dede KURNIASIH.


        VII.1 Dimas ..., he was born in ... on ... .


  Second child from Willem Passelima (Ternate 9 Sept. 1833) and Sara RIPS (or RIEPS) (about 1846):


  III.2 Anna Johanna Geertruida PASELIMA
Born Ternate 7 January 1863, she died ... . Married Ternate on 15 February 1882 to Jordan VIJSEL (he was kastelein van de sociëteit Minerva te Ternate in 1882, he was employee Paketvaart Ternate in 1903, 1915, 1925), he was born Ternate on 11 January 1861, son of Hendrik Vijsel and Wilhelmina Kneefel. (Jordan Vijsel married again Ternate 26 September 1900 to Wilhelmina Johanna VAN HEUSDEN), he died Ternate 30 August 1910.


    IV.1 Anna Johanna Geertruida VIJSEL, born Ternate 17 January 1894, died Ternate 18 December 1915.


    IV.2 Willem Jacob VIJSEL, born Ternate 19 April 1896, employee Bataafse Petroleum Maatschappij.


    IV.3 Anton (Ton) VIJSEL


    IV.4 Wilhelmina Carolina (Mien) VIJSEL, she was born Ternate, 20 Sep 1891, she died ... . Married Surabaya 5 Dec 1925 to Jantje Jacobus Melchior. Married 2) 1927 to Johan Hendrik de Vries.


    IV.5 Louis VIJSEL


    IV.6 Hendrik (No) VIJSEL


    IV.7 Tijn VIJSEL


    IV.8 ... VIJSEL ?


    IV.9 ... VIJSEL ?


  Third child from Willem Passelima (Ternate 9 Sept. 1833) and Sara RIPS (or RIEPS) (about 1846):


  III.3 Bernardus Alexander (Bittus) PASSELIMA
Born Ternate 4 October 1867, baptized Ternate 19 April 1868 ('Protestantsche gemeente' in Ternate), he died in ... on 14 February 1925.
Married 1) in ... on ... to Wilhelmina ... (Mina), Javanese woman. She was born in Semarang about 1879, daughter of ... , died Semarang in 1938, in the Burgerziekenhuis in consequense of an operation. She divorced abt. 1899 from Bernardus Alexander Passelima and went back to Java. She married again in Semarang on 14 November 1917 to Gerard Herman Frederik van Suchtelen van de Haare. See also: Johanna van S. v.d. Haare. [Wilhelmina is van Bernardus Alexander Passelima gescheiden en teruggegaan naar Java. Daar is ze hertrouwd in Semarang op 14 november 1917 met Gerard Herman Frederik van Suchtelen van de Haare. Zie ook: Johanna van S. v.d. Haare.]
2) Bernardus Alexander Passelima married again in Ternate on 24 January 1900 to Gerardina Geertruida Louisa (Dina) MARCUS (Indonesian woman), she was born in ... on ... , daughter of ... .
Profession: Gegageerd (eervol ontslagen met pensioen) fuselier KNIL te Ternate, mantri ( opzichter) voor de opiumverkoop (uit: Huwelijksakte W.A. Passelima en A.F. Siahaya, zie onder.)
Career KNIL: 17 september 1887 te Ternate vrijwillig geëngageerd en geplaatst als fuselier bij het 3e Depot Bataljon, in 1888 overgegaan bij achtereenvolgens het 13e, 14e en 15e Bataljon Infanterie, 21 maart 1890 overgegaan bij het Garn. Bat. van Atjeh en Onderh., van 1888 tot 1893 krijgsverrichtingen tegen Atjeh, ereteken voor belangrijke krijgsbedrijven Atjeh, 17september렠1893 bij het Garnizoens Bataljon van Amboina en Ternate, 6 februari 1894 toegekend de bronzen medaille, 11 augustus 1899 toegekend de zilveren medaille, diverse schietprijzen en prijzen als scherpschutter, 19 oktober 1899 te Ternate afgegaan
Benoemd voor het jaar 1905 tot lid van de krijgsraad der schutterij (uit: Algemeen Handelsblad, 4-1-1905)
Children from the first marriage:


    IV.1 Willem Alexander PASSELIMA
Born Ambon 8 April 1898, baptized 'Protestantse Gemeente' Ambon 4 July 1898 (witnesses Carolina TAKALESSIJ and Stephanus Petrus VAN ROOM), he died in Bandung on 12 January 1966.
Married in Pasuruan (Probolinggo) on 19 May 1920 to Amelia Frederika (Mely) SIAHAYA. She was born in Ambon on 15 June 1899, she died Surabaya 28 May 1976, daughter of Alexander Johannes SIAHAYA and Johanna Helena Catharina BRÜNING. She was clerk at the Post- telegraaf- en telefoondienst in Surabaya by profession. (Alexander Johannes Siahaya lived in Probolinggo and worked there as a teacher at the 'Opleidingsschool voor Inlandsche ambtenaren').
Profession: Com. 1e kl. Post te Bandung.
Career: Milicien (dienstplichtig militair) bij het 8e Bat. Infanterie te Malang in 1920. Klerk Post- en Telegraafkantoor (1920) en Com. P. (1925) te Soerabaja, Klerk P. (1915) en Com. 1e kl. P. (1930) te Weltevreden, Com. 1e kl. Post te Bandung.
They have four children:


  Oma Troel Passelima (Photo made available by Rio Passelima).
Gerardina Helena Charlotte (Troel) PASSELIMA
Born in Probolinggo 16 September 1920 at the house of her grandfather from her mother's side Alexander Johannes Siahaya, she died in Surabaya on 1 March 1990.
Not married.
Profession: clerk at the 'Raadkamp' Chemicals factory in Surabaya.
One child:


  Oscar Passelima and his wife Sri Mintijani. Picture made available by Rio Passelima
He was born in Malang on 21 September 1940, he died in Dr. Soetomo Hospital Graha in Surabaya on the 5th of January 2018.
Married 1) in ... on ... 1968 to Rr. PRAPTORINI, daughter of R. Soeprapto and Murtini. Divorced.
Married 2) in Surabaya on 18 August 1984 to Sri MINTIJANI, she was born in ... on ... , daughter of Sri Prihadi and Astin.

Three children, two children from the first marriage:


  Albert Passelima
Albert Jacob Hariadi PASSELIMA
He was born in Surabaya on 19 January 1969.
Married 1) in Surabaya on ... to Sylvana AKULA. She was born in ... on ... .
Partner 2) is Ika RAHMAWATI.

Four children.
Two children from the first marriage:





  Fanny Passelima
Lady Stevanie (Fanny) PASSELIMA
She was born in Surabaya on 2 September 1997.




  Daniel Passelima
He was born in Surabaya on 1 December 2000.



Two children from the second marriage:





She was born in Surabaya on the 28th November 2007.




She was born in Surabaya on the 9th October 2009.


  Ita Passelima
Novita Gerardina Rita (Ita) PASSELIMA
Born in Surabaya on 24 November 1971.
She was married in Lamongan (East Java) on ... to Arief FURQON. He was born in ... on ... .

Four children:




  Rizky Arifianti FURQON
Rizky Arifianti FURQON
She was born in Lamongan on 20 March 1989.




  Rifky Naufal Arifian FURQON
Rifky Naufal Arifian (Naufal) FURQON
Born in Lamongan on 9 June 1994.




  Syahru Fadil Romadhon FURQON
Syahru Fadil Romadhon (Fadil) FURQON
Born in Lamongan on 8 December 1999.




  Zein Zaky Arifian FURQON
Zein Zaky Arifian (Zaky) FURQON
Born in Surabaya on 24 August 2004.


          One child from the second marriage of Oscar Passelima to Sri Mintijani:


  Rani Damayati
  Aquilla Passelima
Aquilla Rio Februar PASSELIMA
He was born in Surabaya on 3 February 1986.
He studied Economic and accounting at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional in Surabaya.
Profession: hospital frontliner receptionist at RSU Dr.Soetomo Surabaya.
He was married in Surabaya (Pertemuan Persatuan Purnawirawan Angkatan Laut BUilding or PPAL Building, Kenjeran Surabaya) on 15 May 2015 to Rani DAMAYATI. She was born in Biak on 1 June 1991 daughter of Mayor Mudjiono Sus and ... . Her profession is fysiotherapist.

Two children:




  Gavrilraka Passelima
Gavriilraka Marchello PASSELIMA
He was born in Surabaya on March 23rd 2016.




  Gavrielyn Passelima
Gavrielyn Sephriane PASSELIMA
She was born in Surabaya on September 17 2020.


      V.2 Adeetje [Candia Amelia Wilhelm] PASSELIMA
Born in ... on 16 September 1922, died in ... on 28 December 1924.


Uncle Bert (top left with guitar) Passelima and other Malino students and friends in Delft (the Netherlands), late fourties. Photographer unknown. Picture used with permission of Moluks Historisch Museum, Utrecht.


      V.3 Albert Bernardus Alexander (Bert) PASSELIMA
He was born in Surabaya on 12 December 1923, he died in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on 5 October 2002.
Married in Amsterdam on 6 July 1953 to Frederika Hendrika (Rita) ROSIELLE. She was born Amsterdam 24 December 1929, daughter of Christiaan ROSIELLE and Metta Hermina KONING.
Profession: Retired analyst in Amsterdam [gepensioneerd analist te Amsterdam].
Oom Bert vertelt over zijn jeugd in Indonesië: Mijn grootouders van vaders kant heb ik nooit gekend. De tweede vrouw van mijn opa heb ik ontmoet toen ik met mijn vader, die groot verlof had, naar Ternate ging. Ik was waarschijnlijk nog geen vijf jaar oud. Oma Dina, zo noemden wij haar, kan ik me niet meer herinneren. Het enige wat me van Ternate is bijgebleven is dat je vanaf de voorgalerij van het huis waar wij logeerden, de vulkaan van Ternate goed kon zien. Wat ik me uit die tijd in Ternate ook levendig voor de geest kan halen is dat het strand er prachtig was en dat we zeeschildpaddenvlees aten.
Mijn lagere school-tijd was verschrikkelijk. Omdat mijn vader bij de Posterijen was, werkte hij hooguit drie jaar in een plaats. Zo zijn we enkele keren verhuisd. Ik vond het helemaal niet leuk om van school te veranderen. In ben de lagere school begonnen in Surabaya. Tussentijds zaten we in Jakarta en Bandung. Ik heb de lagere school afgemaakt in Semarang. Bovendien had ik in die jaren veel last van astmatische-bronchitus. Ik heb heel wat keren met mijn hoofd tegen de muur gebeukt om maar adem te kunnen halen.
Na het laatste jaar van de lagere school gingen we in de grote vakantie naar Probolinggo. Daar woonde mijn opa van moeders kant, opa Sander (Siahaya). Mijn moeder had genoeg gespaard en zei: 'We gaan nou naar opa, met vakantie'. Zij had haar vader toen enkele jaren niet gezien. Opvallend genoeg ging in die vakantie in Probolinggo mijn astmatische bronchitus in korte tijd helemaal over. Om die reden zijn wij in Probolinggo blijven wonen. De eerste tijd woonden we bij de jongste broer van mijn moeder in huis. Daar woonde opa Siahaya ook. Later trokken we naar een huurhuis. Probolinggo was toen een kleine stad die samen met Pasuruan en Lumajang tot de suikerstreek hoorde.
Omdat in Probolinggo geen HBS was, heb ik er de Mulo gevolgd tot en met het eindexamen. Opa Siahaya was een lieve en een opvoedende opa. Als gepensioneerd onderwijzer gaf hij nog altijd les aan zijn kleinkinderen, als één van ons ergens niet uit kwam. Hij had een eigen werkkamer waar hij ook een groot blik met snoep bewaarde. Als wij als kinderen een liedje kwamen zingen vooor zijn deur, kregen we een snoepje. Mijn vader was inmiddels in het hoofdkantoor van de Posterijen in Bandung terecht gekomen. Als je daar zat dan was je 'onder dak', dan was het trekken van de ene plaats naar de andere wel voorbij.
Na die drie jaar in Probolinggo zijn we naar Malang verhuisd. Daar heb ik de HBS gedaan. Ik kon geen examen doen omdat de oorlog met Japan uitbrak toen ik in de eindklas zat. Na de oorlog kreeg ik een brief dat ik toch het diploma van de HBS zou krijgen. Volkomen onverwacht hoorde ik dat ik naar Nederland zou gaan om te studeren. Buiten mij om had mijn vader vanuit Bandung een studiebeurs voor Nederland voor mij aangevraagd. Pas toen de beurs was toegekend heeft hij mij er over verteld. Mijn eerste reactie was dat ik helemaal niet naar Nederland wilde. Maar een paar maanden later was het al zover. In begin 1947 ging ik als 'beursaal' naar Warmond. Daar werden wij opgevangen en van daaruit werd voor iedereen een verblijfplaats geregeld. Ik werd redelijk snel opgehaald door tante Jo, de zus van mijn vader (zij en mijn vader leken sprekend op elkaar). Zij woonde in Leiderdorp. Ik ging studeren in Delft, maar het reizen brak mij zowel lichamelijk als mentaal op. Op aanraden van mijn studiebegeleider ben ik toen de HTS gaan volgen. Zodoende kwam ik in Dordrecht terecht. Daar was ik ook in de kost.
Na mijn studie kon ik aan de slag bij de Kunstmest in IJmuiden, waar ik ook stage had gelopen. Ik heb wel veel gesolliciteerd in Indonesië, tot en met de minister van Industrie aan toe, maar ik kreeg nooit bericht terug. Vermoedelijk had dit te maken met de relatief veel hogere salarissen die in Nederland betaald werden.


  Job Passelima
Photo made available by Rio Passelima
Jacob Willem (Job) PASSELIMA M.Sc.
Born Surabaya 20 May 1927, died Los Angeles 20 March 1970. Unmarried.
Profession: directielid STO (opleidingsinstituut voor gymleraren) in Bandung.
Oom Bert vertelt: 'Met mijn broer Job heb ik veel geschreven toen ik in Nederland woonde. In 1968 is hij zon twee maanden bij ons in Amsterdam geweest. Hij studeerde in die tijd in Amerika met een beurs van de Indonesische regering. Hij heeft daar in 1970 een hartaanval gekregen en is overleden . Zijn lichaam is gebalsemd en overgevlogen naar Indonesië. De regering wilde hem bij de 'helden van de revolutie' begraven, maar mijn moeder wilde dat niet: 'dat gebeurt niet, want hij is helemaal niet zo. Begraaf hem maar op de begraafplaats van zijn vader.'


  Johanna Carolina van Suchtelen van de Haare
Portrait made available by fam. Willem van Oudshoorn
Johanna Carolina van Suchtelen van de Haare
Born Ambon 2 January 1900, she died Leiden 3 May 1959.
She was married in Semarang on 12 December 1917 to David OUDSHOORN, KNIL-militair. He was born Leiden (Netherlands) 5 July 1883, son of Elisabeth OUDSHOORN (unmarried). David Oudshoorn married again in Leiderdorp 31 October 1960 to Magaretha Postma. He died Leiderdorp 11 August 1973.
Johanna Carolina van Suchtelen van de Haare is aangenomen en erkend door Gerard Herman Frederik van Suchtelen van de Haare, Jkhr., militair, handelsemploye; hij is de tweede man van haar moeder Wilhelmina (Mina), hij is geboren te Leiden op 5 mei 1874, overleden Semarang 29 september 1919. Huwelijk Semarang 14 november 1917. Hij is een zoon van Jkvr. Maria Sara van Suchtelen van de Haare, wonende Breda, geboren Ginneken 24 augustus 1848, overleden Breda 27 sept. 1937.


      V.1 Johannes Pieter Frederik (Joop) VAN OUDSHOORN. He was born in Semarang on 5 June 1918. He died in Leiderdorp, 25 Oct 1997.
Eén van de kinderen van Joop van Oudshoorn is Willem A.C. van Oudshoorn. Zijn grootmoeder Johanna Carolina is regelmatig onderwerp van zijn blogs op Hier wordt nader ingegaan op het leven van Johanna Carolina van Suchtelen van de Haare.


      V.2 Hendrik Constans Karel (Henk) VAN OUDSHOORN. He was born in Magelang on 2 January 1922. He died Apeldoorn 12 March 2006.


      V.3 David Abraham Willem VAN OUDSHOORN. He was born in Batavia on 4 September 1923, he died in Hulst on 25 September 2004.


  Fourth child from Willem Passelima (Ternate 9 Sept. 1833) and Sara RIPS (or RIEPS) (about 1846):



Herman (Lodewijk) (Petrus) PASELIMA
Born at Ternate (or Menado according to Naamlijst der europesche inwoners van Nederlandsch-Indië, 1870) on 23 August 1869, died Ternate 30 December 1918.
Married Sophia Christine DAMAPOLIE, she was born in ... on ... 1886 or 1887, daughter of ... , died ... .
Profession: [gepensioneerd sergeant staftamboer KNIL]
Career KNIL: 24 januari 1888 te Ternate vrijwillig geëngageerd en geplaats als fuselier bij het 3e Depot Bataljon, achtereenvolgens overgegaan naar 13e, 3e en 2e Bat. Inf., 1889-1890-1894-1895-1896-1898 krijgsverrichtingen tegen Atjeh, 13 juni 1891 tamboer, 18 juni 1891 2e Dep. Bataljon, 13 april 1893 overgegaan bij het 7e Bat. Infanterie, 24 januari 1894 bij het 1e Garnizoens Bat. van Atjeh en Onderh., ereteken voor belangrijke krijgsbedrijven Atjeh, 10 augustus 1894 toegekend de bronzen medaille, 2 februari 1895 overgegaan bij het 2e Garn. Bat. van A en O, 19 februari 1896 7e Bat. Inf., 8 februari 1897 bij het 2e reserve bat., 8 februari 1899 bij het Garn. Bat. voor Amboina en Ternate, 30 januari 1900 korporaal staftamboer, 17 maart 1900 overgegaan bij het 3e Dep. Bat., 7 november 1900 toegekend de zilveren medaille, schietprijs revolver 1 maal in 1900, 20 februari 1901 te Malang afgegaan, 5 juli 1901 te Malang ge ngageerd als plaatsvervanger voor den Europ. Sergeant Rijnders, Willem Rolandus Alg. Stb. No. 51424 van en met den dag na zijne pasporteering tot den vierentwintigsten november 1900 en vier, datum waarop zijn verband zou eindigen en geplaatst als korporaal staftamboer bij het 2e reserve bataljon, 20 september 1901 bij reorganisatie overgegaan bij het 20e Bat. Inf., 25 november 1902 overgegaan bij het 9e Bat. Inf., 29 november 1902 sergeant staftamboer, 24 november 1904 als plaatsvervanger geroyeerd, 1905-1906 krijgsverrichtingen in Celebes, 27 november 1906 te Ternate afgegaan (Bron: Extract uit het stamboek no. 53987 bij het Dep. v. Oorlog).


    IV.1 Willem Hendrik Olier (Wim?) PASELIMA
Born Malang 19 February 1901, died ... .
Profession: seaman, projectionist [pelaut, pembantu di bioskop; zeeman, filmoperateur in de bioscoop].


  Rieka Paselima
  Rieka Paselima, sitting at a desk, possibly in the office of her husband Adolf Wilhelm Adriaan (Willem) Schenkhuysen. Picture used with permission of and made available by Roy Schenkhuysen. Photographer, place and year unknown.
Born Batavia 13 August 1902, died Makassar 10 June 1942. Married in ... on ... to Adolf Wilhelm Adriaan (Willem) SCHENKHUYSEN. He was born Takalar, Sulawesi (Celebes) on 2 February 1896, son of Ph.A. SCHENKHUYSEN and Lies CRAMER. He died ... . (A.W.A. Schenkhuysen married again 10 December 1947 to Elisabeth Galla.) His profession was: Clerk 'Wees- en boedelkamer' from 1 January 1913, Asist. Post in Surabaya in 1915, Clerk Ass. Residentie Kantoor in Manokwari in 1920 and in Ternate in 1925, Police sergeant 1st cl. in Ternate in 1930 and in Ambon in 1934, 1938; 40 to Makassar.


      V.1 Philipbert SCHENKHUYSEN, born Manokwari, West Papua (New Guinea, Birdshead isle) on 21 March 1919. He moved to The Netherlands. He died in ... on 14 September 2001.
Career: KNIL-soldier.
De heer Schenkhuysen heeft als kind onder meer op Ternate en Ambon gewoond. Over die tijd vertelt hij ons als we hem bezoeken in februari 1994:
Ik ben geboren in 1919 in Manokwari op Vogelkop eiland. Op jonge leeftijd verhuisde ik met m'n ouders naar Ternate, waar ik tot 1931 woonde. Op Ternate woonden christenen en mohammedanen. Zij stonden op goede voet met elkaar. In die tijd was de christengemeenschap in Ternate één grote familie. Ze beschouwen elkaar als broers en zusters. Ze beschermen elkaar. Je noemde iedereen oom en tante. Mijn onderwijzers in school waren juffrouw Dousee, meneer en mevrouw Jansen en meneer Tannenbaum die later met juffrouw Dousee trouwde.
Mijn vader was inspecteur van politie. Als je vader zo'n functie heeft word je alom gerespecteerd. Je hebt een streepje voor. Iedereen is beleefd, de deur staat altijd voor je open, er is altijd plaats voor jou. Mijn vader was niet erg streng, maar er waren wel regels. Er was wel discipline. Als je moeder half Europees en half Indonesisch is zoals mijn moeder, dan krijg je van beide culturen wat mee. Je leert heel gauw Maleis, ook door je vrienden. Mijn moeder was niet streng.
Mijn opa van moeders kant was al overleden toen ik werd geboren maar mijn oma (Sophia Christine DAMAPOLIE, e.g.) heb ik nog gekend, zij was een molukse vrouw. Mijn vader had een huis laten bouwen in haar tuin dus wij woonden naast haar, nadat we eerst een tijd in een huurhuis hadden gewoond. Oma woonde alleen met haar zoons Wim en Joop. Ik was het lievelingskind van oma. Ze vroeg me bijvoorbeeld wat ik wilde eten. Oma was een lieve vrouw, oma was alles. Ze voedde ons ook op. Vroeger luisterden we nog naar de ouderen. We hadden eerbied voor de oudjes.
Op mijn twaalfde gingen wij naar Ambon omdat mijn vader daar ging werken. De familie Passelima komt oorspronkelijk van Ambon en heet er: Pesulima. Toen wij naar Ambon verhuisden, woonden de meeste Pesulima's in Galala, zo'n vier kilometer van de stad Ambon. Zij kwamen ons begroeten bij onze aankomst daar. Wij gingen wonen in de stad Ambon maar hadden een soort buitenhuis in Galala. Daar gingen we in de weekeinden vaak naar toe. Mijn vader hield er van om daar te jagen en te vissen.
In Galala woonden oom Nanny en oom Toet. Zij woonden naast elkaar. Er woonden meerdere Pesulima's in Galala. Veel mannen waren KNIL-militair geweest en hadden nog onder Van Heutsz in Aceh gevochten. Wij gingen het meest om met oom Nanny. Hij was getrouwd, maar had geen kinderen. Ze hadden wel een aangenomen dochter.
Met oom Nanny zijn we ook eens naar het dorp Soya geweest. Dat was omdat de familie Pesulima altijd de raja van Soya is geweest. Soya is een rustig bergdorp. Ik mocht als oudste zoon van mijn moeder nog in een soort stenen zetel zitten.
Enkele Pesulima's zijn in de Japanse tijd vermoord (onthoofd) door de Japanners. Dat was omdat ze onderdak hadden verleend aan Australiërs.
Van Ambon ben ik in 1938 het leger in gegaan. Eerst naar een opleidingsbataljon in Bandung en later naar Malang. Na de oorlog ben ik naar Nederland gegaan. Mijn vader heb ik pas weer ontmoet toen ik tien jaar geleden met vakantie terug ben geweest. Hij woonde toen in Timor of één van die eilanden. Hij vroeg: 'Wat kom je doen'. Maar hij was wel blij mij te zien. Hij is acht jaar geleden overleden. Mijn moeder is in 1942 overleden.


      V.2 Elisabeth (Lies) SCHENKHUYSEN, born ... , died ... .


      V.3 Adelaide (Leida) SCHENKHUYSEN, born ... , died ... . She was married in ... on ... to ... (Gerard) HILBERINK. Two children from this marriage.


      V.4 Betty SCHENKHUYSEN, born Ternate 10 November 1923, died ... .


      V.5 Philipanton (Anton) SCHENKHUYSEN, born ... , died in Indonesia 1 December 1993.


      V.6 Jan SCHENKHUYSEN, born Ternate 17 April 1927, mechanic, lives in The Netherlands.


      V.7 Henky (Henk) SCHENKHUYSEN, born ... , died ... , lives in The Netherlands.


      V.8 Wiesje SCHENKHUYSEN, born Ternate 9 July 1930, died ... , lived in The Netherlands.


      V.9 Edith SCHENKHUYSEN, born ... , married 11 March, died ... .


      V.10 Willem Johannis SCHENKHUYSEN, born Ternate 10 August 1932.


      V.11 Henri SCHENKHUYSEN, born Ternate 17 November 1948.


    IV.3 Rika Josephiene (Fien) PASELIMA
Born in the Military Hospital in Cimahi (Tjimahi), Bandung on 29 May 1904, died ... .
Unmarried. Children:


      V.1 Boky Sophia (Onna) PASSELIMA
Born Ternate 5 March 1920, she died in ... on ... . She was married in ... on ... to Tertulus (Tier) TAMBELANGI, a singer. He was born in ... on ... , son of... . He died in ... on ... .


        VI.1 Bertha TAMBELANGI. She was born in Ternate on ... .
She was married to Frans Hendrik MISSY. Seven children (three girls and four boys).


        VI.2 Rika TAMBELANGI, born in Ternate on ... . Married to Ahmad DJUFRI. Six children (three grils and three boys).


        VI.3 Rudolf Sadrak TAMBELANGI, born in Ternate on 8 April 1948. Not married.


        VI.4 Herman Hendryk Lodewyik PASSELIMA
Born in Ternate on 18 January 1950. He was married in ... on ... to Liliek Sri RAHAYU. She was born in Jakarta on 15 December 1960, she died in Jakarta on 17 April 2020.
After his father died when he was only 4 years old, Herman was adopted by opa Anton Passelima because he had no sons. (Opa Anton had 6 daughters.) Herman was given the name Passelima.
Herman lives in Bogor.
Four children:


        VII.1 Herly Deora PASSELIMA, born in Jakarta on 3 January 1980. Married to ... , they live in Ceribon.
One son:




... , he is born in ... on ... .


        VII.2 Freddy Marthin PASSELIMA, born in Jakarta on 5 March 1981. He was married to Sarry ... . She passed away in ... on ... .
They have one daughter:




She was born in ... on ... .


        VII.3 Richard Rudolf PASSELIMA, born in Jakarta on 8 April 1987.
He has one son:




He was born in ... on ... .


        VII.4 Zefanya Hizkiya PASSELIMA, born in Jakarta on 3 August 2000.


        VI.5 Edith TAMBELANGI. She was born in Ternate on ... . She married 1) Levi HANGEWA. He died in ... on ... . She married 2) to Yanes TENTUA.
One son from the marriage to Levi Hangewa: 1) ...
Two daughters from the marriage to Yanes Tentua: 2) ...; 3) ... .


      V.2 Antje PASSELIMA
Born ..., unmarried.


      V.3 Dehie PASSELIMA
Born ... , married in ... on ... to ... LEKATOMPESSY, he was born in ... on ... , son of... .


        VI.1 Jeane LEKATOMPESSY


    IV.4 Albertoes Johan PASELIMA
Born Cimahi (Tjimahi), Bandung on 30 October 1905, died.


    IV.5 Anton Alexander PASSELIMA
Born Ternate 21 May 1907, died Ternate on ... 1962. Married in ... on ... to Amalia (Mali) SOENTPIET, she was born in ... on ..., daughter of and Adrian George SOENTPIET and Geertruida KALONGEN.
Profession: KNIL soldier, driver and mechanic (he is a driver of prisoners who are brought to their labour).
  From left to right: the sisters Letty, Corrie, Tiny, Noke and Betty Passelima. Fika, the youngest sister, was not present.
Six daughters:


      V.1 Carolina (Corrie) SOENTPIET
Born Ternate on ... , married in ... on ... to Izaac (Tjah) APONNO, he was born in ... on ..., son of... . They are living in Ternate.


        VI.1 Gerard APONNO, born in Ternate on 28 October 1956. Profession: docent in The State Polytechnics of Malang, Indonesia


        VI.2 Adriana APONNO


        VI.3 Carolus APONNO


        VI.4 Desy APONNO


        VI.5 Napi APONNO


      V.2 Aletha (Letty) PASSELIMA
Born Ternate on ... , married in ... on ... to Eli LESILOLO, he was born in ... on ..., son of ... .They live in Ambon.


        VI.1 Rosa LESILOLO


        VI.2 Maria LESILOLO


        VI.3 Josias ESILOLO


        VI.4 Karya LESILOLO


        VI.5 Tiny LESILOLO


      V.3 Tiny PASSELIMA
Born Ternate on ... ,married in ... on ... to Moes LAWALATA, he was born in ... on ... , son of ... . They live in Ambon.
They have eleven children.


      V.4 Betty PASSELIMA
Born Ternate on ... , unmarried. She lives in Ternate.
She has two children.


        VI.1 Marcella PASSELIMA


        VI.2 Lucky PASSELIMA


      V.5 Noke PASSELIMA
Born Ternate on ... , she died in ... on ... 2020. She was married in ... on ... to Harry TANALISAN (TAN), he was born in ... on ..., son of... . They lived in Jakarta.
Four children:


        VI.1 Edwin TANALISAN


        VI.2 Tonny TANALISAN


        VI.3 Ricky TANALISAN


        VI.4 Tirsa TANALISAN


      V.6 Frederika (Fika) PASSELIMA
Born Ternate on ... , married in ... on ... to Ventje MAITIMU, he was born in ... on ... , son of... . They live in Ternate.
They have four children.


    IV.6 Jacob (Jopie) PASSELIMA
Born ... , died ... . Married in ... on ... to Sonja ... from Tobelo, she was born in ... on ... , daughter of ... .
One child (daughter):


      V.1 Dicky PASSELIMA
She was born ... .


    IV.7 The Adresboek vol. 1909, page 100, mentions the birth of Adolf Bernardus Damapolie in Ternate on 5 May 1908. This can also be a child of Herman P. and Sophia Damapolie.


    IV.8 Helda PASSELIMA
She was born in Ternate on about 1922, she died in Surabaya on 12 June 1940, only 18 years old.
Helda is mentioned in a death certificate as the unmarried daughter of Herman Lodewijk Passelima and Rieka Josephina Sohilait. This is somewhat confusing because other information would indicate that Herman Lodewijk had already died in Ternate in December 1918.

We found a source that mentions Elizabeth Alhita Pesulima born Ternate 1833. Not clear how she relates to this lineage. Possibly she is also een child of Jacob Pesulima and Magdalena de Rooij.


  Page from the Almanak en naamregister van Nederlandsch-Indie, 1834.
Elizabeth Alhita PESULIMA
She was born Ternate on ... 1833.

We found another source that mentions Leonora Magdalena Pesulima born Ternate 1836. Not clear how she relates to this lineage. Possibly she is also een child of Jacob Pesulima and Magdalena de Rooij, judging from the year of birth and the name Magdalene (to her mother).


  Leonora Magdalena PESULIMA
She was born Ternate on ... 1836.
Source: Almanak en naamregister van Nederlandsch-Indie , 1837

We found information about another family but it is not clear yet how they relate to the family tree above.

Margaretha Passelima is mentioned to be the daughter of Margaretha Passelima. At the time of her marriage (March 1895) her mother had already died. (Source: wedding announcement 3 March 1895).


Margaretha PASSELIMA
She was born Ternate 31 January 1867, she died Ternate 1 May 1918. Married in Ternate on 16 March 1895 to Hugo Leopold David TIELMAN, (clerk Residentie Kantoor Ternate in 1903, retired 8 juni 1910, (... [Gedep. Klerk] Ternate in 1915) he was born Ternate 12 January 1864, son of David TIELMAN (teacher) and Charlotte Sidonia SOENTPIET. Hugo Leopold David Tielman died Ternate 15 November 1914.
After their father died, the children were brought-up by their uncle Albert Tielman. Albert Adriaan TIELMAN is the youngest brother of Hugo Leopold David Tielman, he was born Ternate 22 October 1883, was married to Alexandrine DOUSEE in ... on 15 februari 1939, he died Ternate 6 mei 1958.



Hugo Leopold TIELMAN, born Ternate 16 December 1895, employee B.P.Mij., he died in 's Gravenzande (The Netherlands) 25 May 1972.



Cicilia Leopolda TIELMAN, born Ternate 5 July 1897, died Zwolle (The Netherlands) 18 September 1970.



Charlotta Leopolda TIELMAN, born Ternate 26 May 1898, died ... ?



Jules Leopold TIELMAN, born Ternate 5 June 1900, ... [adj. secr. res. kantoor], died Padangse eilanden 8 September 1944.



Margaretha Leopolda TIELMAN, born Ternate 10 July 1902, died Groenlo 27 July 1977. Married Surabaya 17 April 1929 to Andreas Hendrik Wilhelmus VIJSEL. He was born Ternate 18 August 1901, he died Hoogeveen 5 January 1966.
They had three daughters and one son:
1. Winny VIJSEL. She married to Paul Smith. They had 3 children: a. Harold Johan Smith, b. Ingrid Patricia Smith, and c. Patrick Smith. . Winny lives in Melrose, Massachussets.
2. Albert VIJSEL. He died during the war in Indonesia.
3. Agnes Libertine (Tineke) VIJSEL, she was born in Soerabaja 10 August 1940, she died in ... on 19 October 2007. She was married to Ton VAN ELTEN. They have 1 son Charles VAN ELTEN.
4. Irene Johanna VIJSEL was born in ... 9 February 1932, she died in ... on 2 October 1985. She was married to Johannes Everhard Adrianus VELTHUIS, born Semarang 11 April 1932, he died Leiden 17 April 1998. They got 9 children.

Margaretha Tielman and Andreas Vijsel went to the Netherlands in 1957?



Maria Leopolda TIELMAN, born Ternate 6 September 1904, died ... ?



Agnes Leopolda TIELMAN, (twin), born Ternate 12 February 1908, died Enschede (The Netherlands) 11 November 1972.



Louise Leopolda TIELMAN, (twin), born Ternate 12 February 1908.



Nelly Leopolda TIELMAN, born Ternate 13 March 1909.

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